Physics Based Modeling of Fluid Migration

RHAMM Technologies has the capability and experience to invent, design, and implement physics-based modeling solutions for any application. We have experience writing portable, efficient, maintainable software in C, C++, Fortran, Matlab, and others.

In this example we invented, designed, and implemented, a new method for performing faster than real time fluid flow analyses.

Given a geometry in which the air or fluid space is completely meshed similar to a finite element mesh. RHAMM wrote software that can reduce the air-mesh to a user-specified number of horizontal layers while retaining an exact match representation of the original volume. More importantly, the software also identifies places in the air-mesh where fluid flow will be restricted and models the fluid flow through such areas using pipe flow parameters.

With the model simplification complete and the flow restricting areas modeled as pipe flows, fluid flow analyses can now be conducted much faster than real time.

In this fluid simulation you can see the closest tank of the simplified model was initially filled with fluid. A hole was then added that connects the two tanks, represented by a dark blue line. As you would expect, the fluid flows from the full tank to the empty one until the fluid is at the same height in both tanks. Simulations like this one take only a fraction of second, allowing thousands of simulations to be performed even on very complex geometries.

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