RHAMM Technologies is a small woman-owned company based in Dayton, Ohio, specializing in computer based simulation and design. Our engineers have many tools and capabilities to suit all of your design and analysis needs.

Missile impacting a plateRHAMM specializes in complex finite element analysis, including coupled fluid/structure interaction problems, coupled Euler/Lagrange simulations, and large highly dynamic models containing millions of elements. We are competent in FEA techniques and methods including geometrically and materially linear and non-linear problems. Our expert team of advanced engineers is fully qualified to assist in the design, development, analysis, and testing of most any product.

Please look through our capabilities, listed below, and some of the projects we have done. If you have any questions, or you would like to know how RHAMM Technologies can best help meet your product development, simulation, or testing goals please feel free to contact us.

  • Finite Element Analysis
    RHAMM Technologies has expertise in dynamic analysis with impacts and large deformations as well as static problems where component strength and design are evaluated. Our experienced engineers utilize data gathered from programs such as LS-DYNA , MSC.Nastran™ , ANSYS® , Abaqus™, and CTH to provide our clients with the most accurate analysis available.  Our engineers are also expert at tackling problems containing very large displacements by using leading edge meshless methods such as discontinuous Galerkin and Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH).
  • 3D Geometry
    Using the latest solid modeling CAD software, our engineers can import your legacy geometry, modify existing models, or create new designs from the ground up to provide geometry for finite element analysis.
    We can import and export geometry in most any format, to include Solidworks, Autocad®, Pro/ENGINEER, Catia®, Iges, parasolid, BRL-CAD™, Step, ACIS, VRML, Solid Edge®, Inventor®, FASTGEN®, and more. Our competent design staff can easily and efficiently create the geometry you desire.
  • Mesh Generation
    RHAMM Technologies LLC. can create a custom mesh using a combination of Hypermesh®, ANSYS® , FEMAP®, MSC.PATRAN®, Truegrid®, Ls-Dyna prepost, and in-house software to insure proper mesh refinement and quality in the most critical places and in any other areas of interest. It doesn’t matter what format your native geometry is, we can handle it. Our engineers have the experience and know how to guarantee that the mesh will exceed the accepted quality criteria required for the most accurate results.
  • Physics-Based Simulations and Software Development
    RHAMM Technologies has the capability and experience to invent, design, and implement physics-based modeling solutions for any application. Our engineers have experience writing in Java, C, C++, Fortan, MATLAB, Python, and others. We have also written numerous tools to aid in the development of complex finite element models. We can design and implement a new tool for you or we might already have a solution developed for the problem you’re facing.
  • Testing
    RHAMM Technologies believes that test and analysis go hand in hand. Analysis can be used for pre-test predictions to eliminate expensive iteration cycles. Testing can be used to validate simulation. Post test analysis can be used to extend the data acquired from test. Further analysis can be used to explore the limits of the design.
  • Product Developement
    RHAMM Technologies can help you go from an inspired idea to a successful product. Whether you need help with design, engineering, prototypes, testing, manufacturing, or all of the above, we can help make your idea or product a successful reality. We have experience designing parts and assemblies from the ground up. RHAMM can insure that your product will meet or exceed any ISO or other set of standards. We also have experience building custom specialized test frames for unique products. Contact us today to see how we can help you bring your idea to market.

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